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If we learn how to take care of ourself, we let go of resentment from feeling overwhelmed and constantly stress. We let go of that constant feeling of self-sacrifice. Your children will learn from you. They will see how you take care of yourself. They will learn how to take care of themselves. So, below are a few tips to empower others while taking care of yourself.

1. Say no every single day. Think about all of the things you say yes to at the end of any given day. Maybe making meals, doing laundry, work, driving people places. But that’s not all. What about saying yes to social media, texts, email? If you want to empower others and take care of you, say no. Say yes to only what is most important to succeed in your life. Empower your kids to empty the dishwasher or put their clothes away. Empower your hubby to run an errand. You decide how much you can get done and stay sane. Every time you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else. Like maybe an extra minute of time for you.



Welcome to Motherhood! Congratulations on becoming a mom...you are on such an incredible and powerful journey!

With this beautiful journey come feelings and worries, you may not have been ready for, as well. The most important thing to remember is that you are NOT alone...ever.

You are not alone in your healing - Every labor and delivery story is unique. Your story is your own and how you heal from it is also yours. We all heal, though. It's not a fast or easy process, however, you WILL heal. You are not alone.

You are not alone in your emotions - Bringing a baby into the world is a profoundly emotional experience. You are now a mom; a title you have NEVER embodied before. You love deeper. You worry more. Your joy is exponential. And your insecurities are enormous. You are not alone.

You are not alone in #themotherhood - Your FIT4MOM village is here to love, empower...




Mind Set.

Emotional Health.

Where do you desire progress? Where do you desire change or growth?

The KEY is Passion and Purpose...Knowing your WHY is paramount.Why do you desire progress in whatever area of your life? What does that mean to you? Identifying that will drive a greater passion.

Getting clear and "owning" your Purpose comes from that fire within...your Passion. Is it about a healthy lifestyle for your kids? Is it about being strong in body and mind to face challenge? Is it about the power of making good choices for you and your family? Is it about changing old "truths" you have believed about yourself? Find the fire within to direct your purpose and the Progress will come.

Step by step, you WILL get there and we are happy to help!

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It's no secret that I am a huge fan of meditation. I have done a podcaston it and I've mentioned it in many blog posts. I have received numerous requests for me to record some meditations. I hear you. I will at some point. But do you know that there are super great, easy apps that can guide you through your meditation? I will list them here so you can give it a try!

OMG I Can Meditate - This free, simple app can teach you in 10 minutes a day how to meditate. The guide gives you clear examples and practical tips to get you started. They even have special programs for sleep, kids and family.

Calm - Relax with calm. This free website and app will help bring peace and clarity in your day. You can choose your setting and your sound. You can choose a silent or guided meditation and set your time. I have been an avid user of calm for years!

Head Space - This is a great one,...


When my now middle baby was born in April of 2012, my husband and I decided that I would stay home with both kiddos (only 23 months apart) and he would go to work full time and I would teach some private music lessons. We basically flip-flopped careers. I was a teacher and loved every minute of it but was excited to spend all day with the babes and be one of those moms, who has a clean house, meets friends at Starbucks after the morning nap, have a hot dinner on the table by 5:30 and the kids fast asleep by 7:30. As I’m sure you are guessing, absolutely NONE of that happened. My house looked like a tornado went through it, my kids didn’t nap well, dinner was hit or miss, bedtime was almost the only thing we could pull off and then the part about friends. I quickly realized that all my current friends were the teachers I worked with, and guess what, they kept working. It wasn’t before long that I was at the local park or sitting inside a Chik-fil-a waiting for another mom to come in with small kids so I could maybe talk to her, or maybe sit there and imagine me talking to her….ok...




MOMS (and DADS),

We know that the winter weather time is hard when you’re trying to stay on track with your healthy resolutions. But don’t get discouraged and if all you need is a little push, we are here to give you that push. Our master trainer Farel Hruska wrote this article to guide you through an easy workout where you and your little one can enjoy some fun times together.

This segment, from FIT4MOM and BOB Strollers, will give you 3 exercises to do on your next stroller walk or run. You will gain strength and endurance in these highly effective movements!

1. Plie Stroller Chest Press & Row -These moves challenge your lower body, chest and back strength.

2. Incline Cardio Backpedal - Gain lower body and cardiovascular endurance.

3. Side Stroller Push/Pull (on a slight decline) - Train your lower body and obliques.

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