Body Back by Jenni B.


That commercial, you all know the one. The one with the Camel that's talking about 'Hump Day'. He's annoying, he's loud but you just can't help but love him. That's what my 4th and 5th week has been like. I kept seeing that bloody camel in my head. “Uh­huh guess what day it is”... ugh BB week 4 and 5 is like the programs Wed. It's tough, you're tired, but you know you have to get through it to get to Friday! My usual Wed. means I asses how my week is going and if it's not to my total liking I regroup and charge forward. I've sort of had to do the same with week 4 and 5. I was doing pretty good with my books, keeping track and staying focused but those two weeks proved to be some what of a challenge for me. I had done all the dinners and was stretching to make it interesting for my family. At one point that week I was done with heating up a frozen 'leftover' BB meal and had had another revelation. Sticking to the books was the ideal! That was the guideline and the suggestion. The challenge was sticking to them....right??? WRONG! What I'm figuring out, is the meal planning part...

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Alright ladies and gents I gotta bone to pick with one of my fellow BB girlies. I thought we were friends, I've loved and supported you these long, last 3 weeks and this is how you repay me. I thought it might be with a warm doughnut, but that's another post. Mmmmm...doughnut, ok..ok...back on track. I'm mad! As if running up and down a hill in my tightest workout pants with the repeating thought 'I bet my butt is gonna jiggle 5 min. after finishing this set', wasn't enough you had to point out my weight! Yep, you heard me right...this woman actually used the dirtiest words that I can hear while working out. 'Jenny, I can tell you're loosing weight' (pause for shock and awe). I think I actually gave her a 'go to heck' look and politely said 'why, thanks' back to her. I know, I know you're mad too and I'm still waiting on my damn doughnut! I walked away that day thinking 'gosh, why did she have to say that'? Why did she have to point out all my hard work, dedication and time I've given to making myself better. Doesn't she know that by pointing out her thoughts on my...


Ok, so let's talk about fitness! Fit-ness, f.i.t.n.e.s.s, know when you say a word a lot it starts to sound really weird? Fitness...ok done. This is sort of how I feel about fitness in general. Health, fitness, well being...all of it. It's been one of those lost arts only very knowledgeable and all seeing gurus in the Himalayas know about. How about that girl, you know the one that is super skinny, beautiful hair and skin and has written about a dozen 'no gluten', fat free, TASTE FREE cook books. That's the one you seem to get lost in looking at her clean kitchen, gorgeous white dishes and start wondering...DOES SHE ACTUALLY COOK?!?!?! Look, we've all been there. All of us! Especially after ordering pizza for the umpteenth time in one week, while the baby sleeps on your chest and you try to figure out if you've showered in the past 48 hours cause you're clothes are crunchy. Sound like I know what I'm talking about? Good, it should, cause I do. In this day and age it's very easy to open up the laptop, tap on the TV or google ways to...


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