Hump Day

That commercial, you all know the one. The one with the Camel that's talking about 'Hump Day'. He's annoying, he's loud but you just can't help but love him. That's what my 4th and 5th week has been like. I kept seeing that bloody camel in my head. “Uh­huh guess what day it is”... ugh BB week 4 and 5 is like the programs Wed. It's tough, you're tired, but you know you have to get through it to get to Friday! My usual Wed. means I asses how my week is going and if it's not to my total liking I regroup and charge forward. I've sort of had to do the same with week 4 and 5. I was doing pretty good with my books, keeping track and staying focused but those two weeks proved to be some what of a challenge for me. I had done all the dinners and was stretching to make it interesting for my family. At one point that week I was done with heating up a frozen 'leftover' BB meal and had had another revelation. Sticking to the books was the ideal! That was the guideline and the suggestion. The challenge was sticking to them....right??? WRONG! What I'm figuring out, is the meal planning part isn't supposed to be hard it's supposed to make you realize what you're putting in your body. It's supposed to give you a new way of looking at what you're doing and how you're doing it to figure out HOW TO FIX IT! I know we all get tired and it's hard, really hard to plan meals for 1 person, let alone an entire family. If I've taken anything from the program it's to 'think ahead'. Know you're next move and make it count. If you have an event that week that you know may lead to poor food choices be proactive. Watching what you eat is only the start and eating healthy doesn't have to be boring! One of the challenges Lolo gave us is to eat Breakfast completely Sugar Free for a weekend!!! I thought this was crazy at first. How can I drink my coffee without creamer or sugar. How can I eat this, that or the other without sugar. The main point, the hard part, was to pay attention. Look at the labels and discern nutrition from empty calories. You know what, I was able to do it! I watched the labels, I noticed what I was eating and was able to complete the challenge. That one challenge lead to sugar free lunches and then dinners. The main goal, all the while to read the labels. It seems so simple, now that I look at it. Are the calories worth it, is the SUGAR worth it? The simple act of label reading has lead to me thinking further about what all I'm doing to encourage better eating habits. I noticed that when searching for the sugar content I was noticing the sodium and whatever else they were putting in food! It's all worth noting and considering if it's worth our health. These last few weeks have proven to me how much work I still have to put in. I'm tired, but I'll tell you what I'm most tired of. Feeling like I could be better, do better, be better! I'm working through my Wed. a little wiser and happier knowing that I'm working hard toward my better Friday!

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