Week 1

Ok, so let's talk about fitness! Fit-ness, f.i.t.n.e.s.s, know when you say a word a lot it starts to sound really weird? Fitness...ok done. This is sort of how I feel about fitness in general. Health, fitness, well being...all of it. It's been one of those lost arts only very knowledgeable and all seeing gurus in the Himalayas know about. How about that girl, you know the one that is super skinny, beautiful hair and skin and has written about a dozen 'no gluten', fat free, TASTE FREE cook books. That's the one you seem to get lost in looking at her clean kitchen, gorgeous white dishes and start wondering...DOES SHE ACTUALLY COOK?!?!?! Look, we've all been there. All of us! Especially after ordering pizza for the umpteenth time in one week, while the baby sleeps on your chest and you try to figure out if you've showered in the past 48 hours cause you're clothes are crunchy. Sound like I know what I'm talking about? Good, it should, cause I do. In this day and age it's very easy to open up the laptop, tap on the TV or google ways to feel great! Most of the time this leads no where and it's never worked for me! I've always sought 'quick fixes' and end up eating well for a week then immediately slipping back into my old ways. This is what lead me to Body Back via Stroller Strides and Lolo, my own personal Himalayan guru. Well, ok so I don't think Lolo is from the Himalayas but I'm certain she wouldn't need to rewrite Himalaya as many times as I did before I googled it for a spell check!

So, Body Back Week 1 of 8! It all began with a 'Preview'. The Preview started with a quick workout to get us pumped up for the next eight weeks of heaven and hell that Lolo has in store. Here's Jenny's quick tip #1 don't start BB right after a cruise or vacation. You will have the margarita sweats from hell and you just can't wash that out of a tank top! It was a little rough. The program is focused around HITT workouts with some tabata work thrown in there for good measure. You feel really good to start then pretty quickly start to realize your stamina isn't what it used to be! After the torture and a pretty quick game of 'WHAT IN THE WORLD DID I GET MYSELF INTO', in my head we went over the books provided. This was exciting to me! I was looking forward to having a bit of guidance and for someone to tell me what to eat. The books are simple to read and have proven to be a quick guide with decent variety. Complete with breakfast, lunch, dinners as well as snacks! I knew that one of the hardest parts of this was getting the kids on board with this whole 'new diet thing'. It's hard to get anything other than chicken nuggets to pass as an acceptable meal in a 6 & 4.5 year olds eyes so, this might be tough. Updates on that will come later. Preview done and I'm still on board.

Workout #1: Day of reckoning. Yea, you read that right, it was time to separate the women from the pretty cook book writers. Assessment day!!! It started out nice, the ole 'meet and greet' of your fellow 'What Did We Get Ourselves Into' and a review of everyones' goals and what they wanted out of the program. I loved this one too. I already knew most of the girls and it was cool to hear what their aspirations were for their next 8 weeks! One of the girls has an amazing trip to take over seas, another girl was simply wanting a chance to better her diet. It all meant a lot to them and it was wonderful how we could personalize our journey together. My goal was simple and maybe would only make sense to those who really know me. I want to finish this program. That's right, I just want to make it to the end. I'm a perpetual procrastinator and habitual over committer. Typically those two don't mix very well. So, my goal is to finish this thing but not just slide into the finish line proud of what I did. Really commit to what I'm doing and prove to myself that I can do it!!! I can be better and actually thrive at this. The rest of the workout was your standard let's push ourselves to see what we've got sort of thing! It was tough but it will be really awesome to see what we do at the end.

So, I started this journey. Eight weeks of exercise, nutrition and the hope that I will take from it what I need in order to make a positive change in myself! I need it, it's high time to take Pizza Hut off of speed dial, put that beautiful baby in their swing and wash the crunch out of the those clothes. Sometimes working on YOU can't wait until tomorrow! Let's get a little less jiggle in our wiggle and be proud mommas!!!

-Bye for now,

Jenny B.

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