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Empower Others While Taking Care Of Yourself

If we learn how to take care of ourself, we let go of resentment from feeling overwhelmed and constantly stress. We let go of that constant feeling of self-sacrifice. Your children will learn from you. They will see how you take care of yourself. They will learn how to take care of themselves. So, below are a few tips to empower others while taking care of yourself.

1. Say no every single day. Think about all of the things you say yes to at the end of any given day. Maybe making meals, doing laundry, work, driving people places. But that’s not all. What about saying yes to social media, texts, email? If you want to empower others and take care of you, say no. Say yes to only what is most important to succeed in your life. Empower your kids to empty the dishwasher or put their clothes away. Empower your hubby to run an errand. You decide how much you can get done and stay sane. Every time you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else. Like maybe an extra minute of time for you.

2. My second tip to you is to give. Give of your heart. Take the time to smile and connect to the grocery store clerk. Maybe give a handout to someone in need. Give a meaningful hug.



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