The Unexpected Side of Becoming a SAHM

When my now middle baby was born in April of 2012, my husband and I decided that I would stay home with both kiddos (only 23 months apart) and he would go to work full time and I would teach some private music lessons. We basically flip-flopped careers. I was a teacher and loved every minute of it but was excited to spend all day with the babes and be one of those moms, who has a clean house, meets friends at Starbucks after the morning nap, have a hot dinner on the table by 5:30 and the kids fast asleep by 7:30. As I’m sure you are guessing, absolutely NONE of that happened. My house looked like a tornado went through it, my kids didn’t nap well, dinner was hit or miss, bedtime was almost the only thing we could pull off and then the part about friends. I quickly realized that all my current friends were the teachers I worked with, and guess what, they kept working. It wasn’t before long that I was at the local park or sitting inside a Chik-fil-a waiting for another mom to come in with small kids so I could maybe talk to her, or maybe sit there and imagine me talking to her….ok it really turned into me stalking them and trying to get my kids to go play with hers so that that could be the ice breaker.

Y’all it is so hard to find friends! I did end up meeting one mom at a park who was super out-going, had a little boy the same age as mine and we seemed to really hit it off. She even mentioned the word ‘play date’ at the end of our first meeting! I was so excited….until she called later and asked me to a party she was hosting for some products she sells….and there it was, it was too good to be true. I gave her the benefit of the doubt but after our next meet up I knew it wasn’t going to work. So back to square one. C’mon people, I’m pretty fun, my kids aren’t totally crazy, why is it so hard to meet people??

Then there it was, right in front of me. On my phone, on my instagram. A friend I went to high school with had a picture of her and her son in a stroller surrounded by other moms with kids in strollers. What was this? How did she meet 15 other moms that all happened to meet at the same place? It was Stroller Strides, and I immediately googled it and found one near me. Boom I was sold. I went to my first class, was pretty sure I was going to throw up, pass out and/or die, but it was AMAZING! I had other moms cheering me on, encouraging me, asking about my kids, talking to ME, and it was just what I needed. I had found a group of like-minded moms who loved the workout but loved the community more.

3 years later, my house is still mostly a disaster 98% of the time, my kids now being older do nap and sleep better, I have learned to become a better meal planner therefore hot dinners do mostly hit the table at 5:30 but best of all I found my people. I love spending my days with my little ones and I now love that I can do that and still have a conversation with an adult in the middle of it. Find your village: fit4mom.com you won’t regret it!

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